Legal Counsel For Divorce Cases In Henderson, Nevada


About half of all marriages end up in divorce. The rate is even higher in Henderson, according to some sources. Don’t feel like you’re alone. Divorces are often stressful for families. While you can’t count on us to predict the future, our firm is dedicated to helping clients analyze probabilities, paving a way for the best possible outcome. We also provide professional guidance regarding all aspects of divorce proceedings. We want you to be as comfortable as possible during this difficult time.

Our firm ensures an open line of communication with the legal professional who will be representing you in court during each appearance. We always provide honest answers and trustworthy advice, helping you to embrace options that are realistic and optimistic. We are going to help you evaluate all pros and cons when it comes to the decisions you have to make and how they impact your case.

When it comes to divorce cases, we work fervently to help our clients with matters of child support and alimony, as well as custody disputes. We cover all aspects of family law, and the cases we handle are often emotionally charged. The family law domain encompasses a wide array of familial issues that require legal counsel provided by compassionate attorneys.

If in need of a family law attorney, you certainly have some questions:

What is going to happen to my kids? Do I get child support? Do I keep my home?

What do I do about accounts for retirement? What about my business?

How is alimony handled? Are there going to be any fines? What do I owe?

Our focus is family law, and we devote the majority of our time to helping clients break through to the other side. Give us a call for a free consultation, and one of our compassionate attorneys will sit down with you to go over your case.