Child Support Lawyer Attorney In Henderson, Nevada

As a parent, nothing is more important than your child or children’s well-being. In our society, children rely on us for both our financial support and our love. The child support laws in the state of Nevada are set up in a way to ensure all children are properly supported. Our state ensures that the paying parent is paying a sufficient amount to support the child but not overpaying to the extent where they end up supporting the other parent. Contact our Henderson child support attorney right now if you need to either establish or modify a child support order in the state of Nevada. 

Family Law attorney assisting Henderson residents that have any sort of child support problems

Lona L Webb is a Henderson attorney specializing in family law. She has handled many different cases involving child support. Establishing these types of orders is typically an issue seen in varying cases including child relocation, paternity, divorce, and even child custody cases. Furthermore, it is usually required to modify these child support orders when circumstances change among parents. If you are looking to establish or modify an existing order, you can contact us today.

The state of Nevada recently completely revamped its child support calculations taking into account the income of a parent. The Court may deviate from the set forth formula if the child or the children have special needs to account for, if the paying parent is also supporting children from other relationships, or if there are other special circumstances worthy of consideration. Oftentimes, parents will argue against or for a deviation. Because of this, having an attorney that specializes in this type of law can really make a big difference in determining whether or not the deviation is successfully granted. Contact us online or by phone at (702) 202-0836.

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Lona has successfully won child support on behalf of Nevada residents who wanted it. She has also successfully been able to modify child support in many ways depending on how the situation warranted it. When you hire Lona for your legal services, she will respectively look at all of the financial criteria involving your case and she will know what questions to ask in order to ensure that the amount being paid is fair and just. Lona will take the steps needed to ensure that a parent is telling the truth and accurately reporting his or her income to the Court, which will give the Court the accurate information needed to rule on any potential deviations from the state formula, which are appropriate accounting for any special circumstances that justify a change. 

Lona is fully capable of handling most Henderson, Nevada cases involving child support for either an hourly rate or at an affordable flat fee. You are already rightfully investing a lot of your hard-earned money into your children. You shouldn’t be forced to pay a large retainer to ensure that you are getting or paying a fair child support amount. Hiring Lona will help to ensure that you are able to know your exact legal fees doing into the situation with full transparency. That way, you won’t suspect you were overcharged when the case is completed. Contact The Law Office of Lona L Webb, LLC right now to schedule your initial consultation.