Probate And Estate Administration

Henderson, Nevada Attorney For Probate And Estate Administration

The Law Office of Lona L Webb, LLC, specializes in proactive estate planning to ensure that our clients are able to avoid the complications of estate and probate administration. However, we also assist estate managers in the complexities involved in the distribution of an estate in probate. During the process of timely and effectively winding down of the personal affairs of a decedent, we represent heirs, beneficiaries, executors, foundations and charities with claims to an estate in probate.

The Probate Process in Nevada

‘Probate’ is a legal process whereby the assets left in your will are distributed by a court proceeding. If you leave a valid Will, you die “testate” which means the nominated executor in your Will is appointed by the court to transfer the assets to the named beneficiaries. If you die without leaving a Will or other estate-transferring device, your estate will be subject to “intestate succession” and an administrator will be appointed by the court to administer your estate and pass the assets to the heirs designated under state law to inherit your estate.

How to Proactively Address Potential Probate and Estate Administration Problems

All property that passes through probate is called your “Probate Estate”, and generally includes all property not transferred by any other means. Ideally, you want to ensure that the amount of property transferred in this manner is minimized to avoid your heirs having to wait for their inheritance due to delays in court proceedings. Property transferred through probate will be subject to probate fees that are usually very expensive and will encompass a significant percentage of the value of your property.

Skillful Handling of Even The Most Complex of Estates

We have assisted many clients who live in states other than Nevada and owned property that needed to be dealt with via probate in Nevada. If you have probate issues with properties in multiple states, one of which is in the state of Nevada, then we will be able to assist you.

Estates that involve real property owned out of state are some of the more common probate matters handled on a daily basis by the Law Office of Lona L Webb, LLC.

If you want to avoid the complications involved in the probate process and mitigate the negative consequences, call our offices today at (702) 202-0836 for a free initial consultation at your convenience and we will be happy to discuss your options with you.