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Henderson Nevada Divorce Lawyer 

Going through a divorce can be extremely painful. However, ending a marriage at times is unavoidable. Here at The Law Office of Lona L Webb, LLC in Henderson, Nevada, we understand the complicated issues that are associated with a divorce can be traumatic, frustrating, and time-consuming for our clients as well as their children. Give our experienced Henderson, Nevada lawyers a call today. We are here to help you. 

Experienced Child Support and Child Custody Lawyers Are Here To Help You 

We established our law firm in order to help our clients regain control of their lives and come up with solutions for complex issues. The Henderson, Nevada divorce attorneys at our law firm have the ability to take custody and divorce cases through trial. In addition, we argue and write motions in district and family courts. Our attorneys all have deep legal knowledge that we can use to help to protect your best interests. Call our Henderson, Nevada law firm for a free initial consultation in order to learn more about the customized services that we provide. 

Using A Hands-On Approach To Resolve Complex Divorce Issues 

Each divorce case is different and a good divorce lawyer will customize her or his approach based on the unique circumstances of the client. Our Henderson, Nevada divorce attorneys take a hands-on approach to assist clients with dealing with all of the issues that stem from a complicated divorce, including: 

Child Custody: Custody issues need to be resolved before a case is able to go to trial. We assist our clients with resolving parenting issues fairly. Sometimes litigation is needed to determine what the best interests are for their children. All of our clients can rest assured that we are prepared and experienced to fight for their child custody rights. 

Child Support: After each of the parent’s share of child custody is determined, each of the parent’s child support obligationss will be determined based on the child support guidelines in Nevada.

Asset Division: The state of Nevada requires that community property be equally divided and separate property be returned. Our law firm has extensive experience helping our clients to define which property is separate and which property is community. This is a critical distinction and can be complex.

The family court staff and judges know that we are very strong advocates for all of our clients. We always treat each of our cases with the respect and utmost discretion that our clients deserve. We distinguish ourselves by meeting our clients’ objectives, needs, and specific circumstances. 

Call Us Today To Discuss Your Divorce Case With Our Experienced Henderson Nevada Divorce Attorneys.

There are high-stake issues involved in divorce cases that must be resolved before both sides can move forward with their lives. Our Henderson, Nevada divorce lawyers at Lona L Webb, LLC always go the above and beyond to help you get the next chapter of your life started in the best possible way. To talk about your case with one of our experienced attorneys, call 702-202-0836.