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A will usually comes to mind as the vehicle connected with estate planning. “Last Will and Testament” are another way to refer to this. It’s a legal document that a person (known as testatrix/testator) forms, in which he or she sets out his or her demands for deposition of property in the occurrence of death. The testator might amend or revoke the will at any time.

In your will, you can state one or more beneficiaries who then will obtain the gifts or bequests that you identify. Your will also names a guardian who can take care of any young children left behind. Furthermore, a will is the right place to assign your estate’s executor. Apart from managing your estate, the executor oversees its asset collection and distribution, as well as its dealings with the probate court.

You Can Plan for Your Future Because of Comprehensive Estate Planning

At the Law Office of Lona L Webb, LLC, we take your will as a fundamental part of your estate plan, with an eye on the federal estate tax exemptions. Apart from a trust assisting you to avoid probate, however, a will guarantees it.

Our firm in Henderson, Nevada, formulates a holistic estate strategy for you and all of our clients, providing unparalleled, high-quality service. Generally, our plans will allow:

– You to manage your property when you can
– Taking care of you and your loved ones in case you become incapacitated
– You to issue whatever you asset that you possess to whomever you want, with the means you wish to, and at the time you want to
– You to avoid expensive court costs and attorney fees

What Are Pour-Over Wills and Living Wills?

There’s a slight difference between the last will and testament document and living wills and pour-over wills. In an estate plan, living wills and pour-over wills are additional documents, which we’ll discuss with you.

In case you become incapacitated and can’t make decisions for yourself or otherwise unable to speak, your iving will comes in by documenting your final health care wishes. Although it’s not as powerful as a durable power of attorney, it must be part of a complete estate plan.

Upon the trustmaker’s death, the pour-over will sends assets susceptible to probate to your revocable trust, and its execution must be during the trustmaker’s lifetime. Within your will, there must be a pour-over statement indicating the pre-existing (or perhaps the concurrently executed) trust that will serve as the place to pour your property. Any assets missing the titles in the name of a revocable living trust must be directed into the trust through the probate process.

When it comes to your estate plan, a will is essential. If you die without a will, your assets and property will be distributed depending on the state succession statutes, and this is the court-supervised technique used to award property owned by an individual who has left no will.

Provide for your specific beneficiaries in the fullest way you can, and protect your health and wealth. Consult our accomplished and experienced Henderson will and trust attorney right away.

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