Henderson Nevada Lawyer: Crafting Trusts and Putting Control in Your Hands

Henderson Nevada Lawyer: Crafting Trusts and Putting Control in Your Hands

The foundation of having a sound estate plan can be a living trust. Different forms of trust can assist you in minimizing taxes, avoiding probate, and managing property with your total control over the long term. This is the first step in estate planning. The majority of people think about wills, but your living trust is just as important to avoid probate and save estate assets from court and legal fees. Not every attorney will give you that information.

A trust is a legal agreement where an institution or a person (called a trustee) controls the property handed by another person (referred to as a trustmaker) for the third party to benefit (called a beneficiary).

Crafting the Best Trusts for Your Estate Plan

At the Law Office of Lona L Webb, LLC, in Henderson, Nevada, our lawyers draft each one of the clients’ trusts by themselves. Every trust is made and finalized, like artwork. We prepare trusts custom-designed just for you – no boilerplate legalese. Each trust we build has unique and customized provisions about your estate included in it.

If we’re on a retainer, we’ll take an in-depth look into your documents detailing all your assets and companies that you own. What’s more is that we assess tax returns, operational and organizational entity documents, and other trusts you already have. We are more concerned about listening to your hopes, dreams, fears, values, aspirations, and planning goals. It’s important when it comes to customizing and building your estate plan.

Your assets are protected one at a time. We separately focus on every level of planning, starting with you, then family, and probate avoidance.

We don’t create cookie-cutter solutions or bare-bone legal documents. We can include protective provisions in the trust, which include things like business protection, spousal protection, intellectual property rights protection, bankruptcy and lawsuit protection, and preventing fatuous spending by beneficiaries.

You can book a Free Initial Consultation concerning trusts with a knowledgeable Henderson, Nevada Attorney. You can email or contact us now at (702) 202-0836 to schedule a one-on-one appointment with The Law Office of Lona L Webb, LLC.